Castle of Gibralfaro

This castle, built in the fourteenth century to house the troops and protect the Alcazaba, is today one of the most visited moments of Malaga in which you can tour its walls with breathtaking views of Malaga, in Interpretation Center to know Su history 

It receives its name by a lighthouse that was in its peak (Jabal-Faruk, mount of the lighthouse). Although it was used by the Phoenicians and Romans, it was the Nazarite king Yusuf I in 1340 that transformed this settlement into fortress. 

In the reconquest suffered the siege of the Catholic Monarchs during the summer of 1487 and Fernando del Catolico made it his temporary residence after the victory. In addition, he designed the castle as an element of the city's coat of arms.

Considered for a time the most impregnable fortress of the Iberian peninsula. It has two lines of walls and eight towers. The outer wall with a crown, walls arranged in the form of zigzag that join the Castle with the Alcazaba. For its part, the interior allows to make the way of round by all the perimeter of the fort. 

The Castle can be divided into two parts. The Superior is named after the main courtyard and in it is the Interpretation Center that can know the history of the Castle through its inhabitants. In this zone you will find the Torre Mayor, with 17 meters of height, the Phoenician well and the baths. The air well is dug into living rock and has a depth of 40 meters. 

The lower part, the patio of arms, the concentration of the barracks of the troop and the stables. The albarrana tower or white tower, oriented towards the northeast, is one of the most visible and in its interior it conserves a cistern, dependencies and warehouses.