Cervantes Theater

S XIX. It is the oldest stage of Malaga, it is the theater of reference of the city where different cultural programs and events of the importance of the "Malaga Festival" are celebrated. Spanish cinema".

After the destruction by a fire of the Theater of the Prince Alfonso or Theater of the Merced, the architect Jerónimo Cuervo realizes the project of the Theater Cervantes that was inaugurated in 1870.

With a polygonal plant has a patio of armchairs shaped like a horseshoe. It has four floors, one of stalls, two of boxes and the plant of paradise. In addition to its structural beauty, its decoration stands out.

Special mention deserves the ceiling of the patio of armchairs, painted to the oil by Bernardo Ferrándiz and collaborators like Antonio Muñoz Degrain. It is a vision of 19th century Málaga with its industry, commerce and the Port. The canvas measures 19 x 16.5 meters.

In 1950 the Theater presents an important deterioration, reason why its activity is reduced to room of projection. The City of Málaga acquires the building and rebuilds it. On April 6, 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the reopening of the Teatro Cervantes as a municipal scenic space. A quarter of a century of symphonies, classical dramas, comedies, operas, ballets, jazz concerts, flamenco, rock, musicals and galas of all kinds.