Picasso museum

The Picasso Malaga Museum was born out of the desire of the brilliant Malaga painter to have an exhibition space in his hometown. Christine and Bernard Picasso, daughter-in-law and grandson of the artist, make this longing possible by providing the nucleus of the collection. 

The collection has 233 works that make a journey through 80 years of work of the painter from Malaga, from 1892 to 1972. Through its 11 rooms you can see how Picasso breaks with the established precepts and gives way to new creations. He is considered the most important artist of the 20th century. It is a very versatile creator so you can see works in various disciplines. 

Themes such as support for the most disadvantaged, the family, close characters, everyday life, are examples of what we can find in the work exhibited in Malaga. These include "Mother and child", "Composition", "Woman with arms raised", "Acrobat", "Olga Khokhlova with mantilla" or "Insect".