The Plaza de Toros "La Malagueta" was inaugurated on June 11, 1876 with a run in which he fought among others the mythical bullfighter Rafael Molina "Lagartijo". Joaquin Rucoba's work, also author of the Atarazanas Market, is of neo Mudejar style.

It has a hexadecagon shape, as can be seen from the viewpoint of Gibralfaro which offers beautiful views of the bullring. The arena measures 52 meters in diameter and has 4 pens, 10 chiqueros, stables or infirmary, among other facilities.

At present it houses the Bullfighting Museum. In August, it hosts its great annual event, the Bullfighting Fair, where you can access a wide program of bullfighting with great bullfighting figures. Also note the picassian corrida that is celebrated in Easter in which the bullfighters wear costumes inspired by the style, vision and forms of the painter from Malaga.