Automotive museum

Located in the emblematic architectural complex of the city of Malaga known as Edificio La Tabacalera, former tobacco factory and whose first stone was laid on July 29, 1923, the Automotive Museum of Malaga is more than a museum. It is an area of ​​entertainment, fun, art and culture that in its 6000 square meters and modern facilities houses one of the most important antique car collections in Europe.

Maga Collection has more than 120 models restored to the highest level, of which 90 are currently shown and in the first place to the public for themed spaces that illustrate the aesthetic and locomotive evolution of the automotive extending over three centuries.

A new space for adults and children, men and women, living in our city, national and foreign tourists ... and in general, anyone who has the wonderful ability to enjoy a walk in time and beauty that we About cars, engines, hats and works of art that many of us would never have known were it not for this project, is now a reality.